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Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences is a multidiscipline medical centre

It is the largest multidiscipline hospital affiliated with the Russian Academy of Sciences. “Full cycle” medical care - starting from initial consultation up to complex surgical treatment and rehabilitation. Our technical capacity - all units are fitted with cutting-edge equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers. Knowledge, experience and qualification – all doctors have regular trainings in the leading hospitals in Russia, the USA, Canada and European countries.
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Evgeniy Goncharov
Head of traumatology and orthopedics unit. Orthopedic traumatologist. Candidate of medical sciences.
Valeriy Golubev
Orthopedic traumatologist. Doctor of medicine.
Oleg Koval
Orthopedic traumatologist.
Kasumi Kurtshalidze
Head of surgical and clinical ophthalmology unit
Anastasia Kalmykova
Maria Tverdikova
Head of assisted reproductive technology (ART) unit, obstetrician-gynecologist
Albina Akatyeva
Obstetrician-gynecologist, candidate of medical sciences
Vasilina Khmelevskaya
Tatiana Ivanova
Patient reviews
Отзыв от Екатерина Романова
Vidnoe, Moscow Region, 03.11.2019
In July 2019 on my friends’ advice I booked an appointment in the consulting and diagnostic centre of CCH RAS regarding an acute lumbar pain that was shooting down the hip. I had an appointment with doctor Dosanov.
Отзыв от Екатерина Романова
Y.I.Kudryavtsev (80 years old)
Stariy Oskol, Belgorod Region, 08.10.2019
I am expressing an immense and sincere gratitude to the head of the unit Renat Modehatovich Nurmuhametov and doctor Meget Kaskirbaevich Dosanov. I had lived with pain for many months.
Отзыв от Алевтина
Tyumen, 10.10.2019
I would like to express immense gratitude to doctors Maria Anatolyevna Tverdikova, Vasilina Fatihovna Khmelevskaya, Albina Salavatovna Akatyeva, Tatiana Ivanova, to all nurses and wonderful administrator Anna.
Отзыв от Ковалев Анатолий Степанович
Svetlana K.
Izhevsk, 10.10.2019
I would like to express my immense gratitude to the doctors of Central Clinical Hospital of the RAS. I had been treated for infertility for a long time. The doctors are true professionals, very kind and attentive.

A research-to-practice conference “Problems of diagnostics and surgical treatment of thyroid gland diseases”

Publication date: 08.10.2019

On October 4, 2019 a research-to-practice conference “Problems of diagnostics and surgical treatment of thyroid gland diseases” was held in Central Clinical Hospital of RAS. This is the first conference within the walls of our hospital and the first conference of the format when both surgeons and endocrinologists are involved in discussions of the issue.

The purpose of the conference was to implement modern technologies of diagnostics and treatment of thyroid gland diseases in the clinical practice of surgeons and endocrinologists to boost the efficacy of diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive procedures; to show the possibilities of various surgical accesses to thyroid gland for various interventions on the organ, as well as to consider the questions of preoperative preparations, postoperative management of thyroid gland diseases, specific character of thyroid gland disease anatomic diagnostics, including oncological pathology, to highlight the peculiarities of mutual follow-up care of patients by surgeons and endocrinologists.

Irina Vladimirovna Kuzmina, a deputy Chief Physician for Surgery of CCH RAS gave a welcome speech to the conference participants, “On behalf of the administration and staff of CCH RAS we are glad to welcome you within the walls of our hospital. CCH RAS has a 70-year-old experience of providing advanced medical help of high quality with an academic approach on the outpatient and inpatient level. At present, our establisher is the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and that enables us to hold various conferences involving our country’s leading specialists, foreign speakers and experts. It enables us to develop and implement new technologies and methods in the clinical practice. Today’s conference is notable for its multidisciplinary approach, for it touches the interests of surgeons, endocrinologists and therapists. And today we hope to lay out optimum approaches towards treatment of patients with thyroid gland diseases. The participants of the event have a unique opportunity to ask our speakers questions and get their replies. I hope that our conference will be held in a fruitful, friendly atmosphere and will be taking place on a yearly basis”.

In our country every year 1,550,000 adults and 644,000 children with various thyroid gland diseases need specialized care. Therefore it was highly crucial to hold that conference. Reports on various topics regarding diagnostics, treatment and surgery of thyroid gland diseases were given. Video presentations were held: “Transoral thyroid gland surgery” (A.M.Shulutko, doctor of medical sciences, professor, and head of intermediate level surgery department No.2 of FSAEI HE “Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University”), “Traditional thyroidectomy. Modern technical possibilities” (P.S.Glushkov, candidate of medical sciences, surgeon, surgery unit of CCH RAS, R.H.Azimov, candidate of medical sciences, surgeon, head of surgery unit of CCH RAS), “Principles of endovideosurgical interventions on thyroid and parathyroid glands” (V.L.Mezheryakov, surgeon, oncologist, candidate of medical sciences, docent of intermediate level surgery and oncology department of FSAEI HE “Saratov State Medical University named after V.I.Razumovsky” of the Russian Ministry of Health; S.V.Vertyankin, surgeon, oncologist, doctor of medical sciences, chief physician of state healthcare institution “Regional clinical oncology centre” in Saratov, chairman of intermediate level surgery and oncology department of FSAEI HE “Saratov State Medical University named after V.I.Razumovsky” of the Russian Ministry of Health; I.A.Turlykova, assistant of intermediate level surgery and oncology department of FSAEI HE “Saratov State Medical University named after V.I.Razumovsky” of the Russian Ministry of Health; V.V.Grekov, assistant of intermediate level surgery and oncology department of FSAEI HE “Saratov State Medical University named after V.I.Razumovsky” of the Russian Ministry of Health).

At the conference the participants gained knowledge about preoperative preparations, peculiarities of surgical interventions on thyroid gland, postoperative management of thyroid gland diseases, including hormone replacement therapy.

Doctors of Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences spoke at the XX academic forum “Mother and Child”

Date of Publication: 03.10.2019

From September 25 till September 27 the XXth Anniversary Nationwide Academic Forum “Mother and Child – 2019” was held. Staff of Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences participated in it.

Obstetrics and gynaecology academic advisor of CCH RAS, doctor of medical sciences, professor Klara Georgievna Serebrennikova led a round-table discussion dedicated to the topic of “Unsolved issues in gynaecological practice”, and gave a lecture called “Modern possibilities of chronic endometritis therapy in infertility”. One of the new methods in reproductive medicine to improve and restore morphological and receptor state of endometrium, as well as to increase endometrium implantation receptiveness in infertility is photodynamic therapy (PDT) based on involving photosensitizers and low-level laser light with the wavelength that is aligned with the photosensitizer absorption peak. The treatment is given once during one menstrual cycle. Modern studies have shown the possibility of using PDT for treatment of other specific diseases in gynaecological practice, for example: benign virus-associated cervix diseases, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) and carcinoma in situ, leukoplakia and vulva kraurosis, chronic endometritis.

The head of gynaecology unit, doctor of medical sciences Vardan Georgievich Vardanyan made a report on “New methods of surgical correction of pelvic floor weakness using titanium mesh prosthesis”. In his report, V.G.Vardanyan shared the results of clinical research:

  • After surgical correction of pelvic prolapse using “titanium silk” mesh implants the quality of our patients’ life improves;
  • When using “titanium silk” mesh implants there is no evidence ofinfectious and inflammatory complications, vaginal erosion and other MESH-associated complications in patients with pelvic prolapse;
  • The results (observations for up to 3 years) of using “titanium silk” mesh implants in reconstructive surgical correction of pelvic prolapse allows us to consider ultralight “titanium silk” mesh implants as the group of implants with very good prospects in treating pelvic prolapse.

Herbal therapy safeguarding health in the age of urbanization

Date of publication: 28.08.2019

In August in All-Russian Exhibition Centre, a customary international exhibition “FLOWERS and the city” took place. The pavilion 75 turned into the City of Flowers for three August days, and the area next to the pavilion turned into a blooming garden.

This year Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences also took part in the exhibition. That is because a new area of interest opened up in the hospital this year, and namely, herbal therapy. Apart from the exhibition display, a conference called “Scientific trends in urban greening” was held, commemorating the 120thanniversary of N.V.Tsitsin. Olga Nikolaevna Golovizina, a reflexologist of Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences, took part in the work of one of the sections. She made a report called “Herbal therapy safeguarding health in the age of urbanization”.

Herbal therapy is a method of treating and preventing diseases using plant-based medicines, which contain complexes of biologically active substances extracted from a whole plant or its parts. Herbal therapy should not be equated with folk medicine. Unlike folk medicine, this treatment method uses herbal medicinal products in compliance with the national register, they are registered by the Ministry of Health and approved for medical use on the territory of Russia and permitted to be sold in pharmacies.

Characteristics of herbal therapy:

  • A wide spectrum of preventive and therapeutic effects;
  • High efficacy at an early stage of a disease and slow chronic disease course;
  • Therapeutic effects develop more slowly, but are longer in duration;
  • Can be taken orally and topically;
  • Is prescribed for a long term, with changing products 3-6 times a year when treated for many years;
  • Side effects are relatively rare and do not limit the treatment duration.

Herbal therapy has a scientific platform and in the near future, clinical trials of herbal medicines will be led in CCH RAS.